Instructions for completion of Form 15

1. Amounts in lines 11 to 13 and 16 must be stated gross of reinsurers' share.

2. The aggregate amount of any accrued dividend in respect of cumulative preference shares issued by the insurer must be shown by way of a supplementary note (code 1503) to this Form.

3. Only equalisation provisions that are created as a result of a regulatory requirement are to be included at lines 14 and 15

4. The amount shown in line 12 may only be discounted or reduced to take account of investment income:

(a) for Class 1 or 2 business; or

(b) in respect of annuities; or

(c) if the insurer is a pure reinsurer which became a firm in runoff before 31 December 2006 and whose Part IV permission has not subsequently been varied to add back the regulated activity of effecting contracts of insurance.

So, if the technical provisions for claims outstanding for other business are discounted or reduced to take account of investment income, then they must be increased by the difference between the undiscounted and the discounted provisions. If the technical provisions are increased the amount of the increase must be shown in line 82 and the corresponding increase in the reinsurers' share must be included as a negative item in line 99 of Form 13.

5. The amount of each provision, included in line 22, in respect of a deficit in a regulated related undertaking and the identity of the undertaking must be stated in a supplementary note (code 1504).

6. Where the provision required by INSPRU 3.2.17R(3) is implicit (i.e. the obligation to pay the monetary amount is recognised under the rules in GENPRU 1.3), the amount of the provision must be stated in a supplementary note (code 1506).

7. The amount shown in line 51 must include reinsurance commissions related to deferred acquisition costs corresponding to the allowance included in Form 13 line 85.

8. Lines 82-85 must be completed in accordance with the insurance accounts rules or international accounting standards as applicable to the insurer for the purpose of its external financial reporting if the insurer is required to produce such accounts. Otherwise these lines must be left blank. Details of amounts in line 83 must be disclosed in a supplementary note (code 1507).

9. The amount at line 48 column 1 is dividends which are foreseeable in accordance with GENPRU 2.2.87AG. Where the previous financial year ends before 31 December 2007 the amount shown in column 2 must be the amount shown in the previous annual return (where a different definition for this item may have been used).

FSA Form Instructions
List of Supplementary Notes

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