Instructions for completion of Form M2

1. Units must be the same as those used in Form M1.

2. The amount shown at line 21 must equal the sum of M1.27+M3.60+M3.62+M3.85.

3. The amount shown at line 22 must equal the sum of M4.29.8+M4.29.9 for all marine classes.

4. Details of the amount shown in line 25 must be stated in a supplementary note.

List of Supplementary Notes

This is a list of all current supplementary notes which you may be required to supply with your return

FSA Resource Sources

GENPRU - the general prudential requirements for regulated firms.

INSPRU - the specialised sourcebook for insurers

IPRU(INS) - [Version 20140526] the residual prudential and notification requirement for insurers.

E&Y FSA Returns Guide

Ernst & Young's Insurance Returns guide - updated for 2014 - covers virtually everything you will need to know about completing your PRA return