Annual Return Form Instructions: 

Bank of EnglandIn this section - we have set out all of the instructions for completing all of the forms which make up the annual insurance return to the Bank of England's Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).

These instructions are taken directly from the PRA's IPRU(INS) manual and the details for each form are set out individually on these pages.

We are informed by the Bank that apart from updating references from the FSA to the PRA, the guidance is otherwise unchanged from the handbook's previous incarnation from the FSA.

For ease of navigation we have grouped the forms (approximately) into groups of 10.

Details for the Forms 91-94 and also the Marine Mutual forms (M1 - M5) are also set out here.

All of these instructions can be accessed from within FSAssist using the option in the FSAssist drop-down menu which will link you through to the relevant page instruction for the form you are working on.


Legal Notices:

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information here - which we believe to be correct at the time of publication (December 2012) - FSAssist does not warrant the accuracy of the information here - nor can we guarantee that any subsequent updates of information will be included in these pages.

It remains the responsibility of the individual insurance company to ensure they are complying with the rules set out by the regulator. If you are in any doubt as to the accuracy of the information - we recommend that you refer the full publication which can be downloaded from the PRA's own web site.

Please note that use of PRA material does not indicate any endorsement by the PRA of this site/publication, or the material or views contained within it.

All content in this section is © Bank of England 2013 - all rights reserved.

FSA Form Instructions
List of Supplementary Notes

This is a list of all current supplementary notes which you may be required to supply with your return

FSA Resource Sources

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INSPRU - the specialised sourcebook for insurers

IPRU(INS) - [Version 20140526] the residual prudential and notification requirement for insurers.

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